Mike Testen

Daily Fantasy Sports Optimizer

Developed to remove the bias from team creation in daily fantasy sports, the optimizer uses aggregated expert projections to determine the optimal line-ups for the most consistent teams. The algorithm uses a combination of Python and Ruby to perform projection fetching, HTML scraping, and team calculation, and a website is provided by Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Bootstrap to display the results.


A winning game at the 48-hour Philly Game Jam 2009 with the theme "An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it." The objective of the game is to navigate a ball of light as it reveals the life in a dead world. Entering a beam of color changes the color of the ball, which enables the player to reveal plants of that color. Once the the whole world is revealed, the player can end the level by flying into the sun. Yellow is written in C# using the XNA framework and utilizes the FarseerPhysics engine to provide unique movement controls to each color.


A winning game at the 48-hour Philly Game Jam 2011 with the theme "Mother's Day". The objective of Honey is to navigate a yard full of obstacles as a bee and pollenate flowers by bringing pollen from distant flowers to the ones near the hive. Honey is written in C# using the XNA framework and allows for two players to share the screen and play at once.

Twitch Stream Loader

A windows application written in C# that provides a simple way load Twitch streams into the VLC media player. It uses the JSON provided by the Twitch API to retrieve live stream, channel, and VOD information. Livestreamer is then used to load the requested streams and VODs in VLC. The source is available on GitHub